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Y6 Black Tail & Pin Tail Hairdressing Combs

Quinn Hair and Beauty

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Y6-101 Short
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Y6 SERIES Black Tail and Pin Tail Hairdressing Combs 

High Quality Flexible comb made of resin and plastic material for those looking for an affordable comb. Heat Resistant to 220C. Comfortable to hold.


  • Non Slip comfortable in the hand due to round edge with 10mm hole spacing
  • Round teeth for uniform combing and gentle on hair (doesn't stress or break)
  • Heat Resistant to 220C/428F
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Flexible but Unbreakable


Available in:

Y6- 101 Short Tail Comb
Y6- 106 Long Tail Comb
Y6 -102 Short Pin Tail