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Scissor Maintenance Kit for Hairdressers and Barber Japanese Shears

Quinn Hair and Beauty

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Scissor Shear Maintenance Kit for Hairdressers and Barbers

It is essential to maintain your shears to ensure your Japanese scissors/ shears retain their sharpness and optimum operation whilst extending their life.

Daily cleaning and regular oiling between servicing will keep your hairdressing scissors shears in top condition and extend their life.

Our professional scissor maintenance kit includes:

1. One chamois for cleaning and drying your scissors daily.

2. Two premium camellia oil pens with oil brush built-in to keep your shears well oiled to protect warranty (Camellia oil is recommended and should be used for Japanese steel blades)(Most new shears come with a standard small bottle of oil that will last a couple months but this oil bottles should last you at least a  year).

3. One universal key to apply adjustment of tension on any pivot,

4.  Two one-size-fits-all Ergo-Grips® universal scissor ring inserts