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Scissor Sharpening

Hairdressing Scissors and Barber Shears Sharpening and Balancing Service, Repairing Dropped Scissors in UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland 

Quinn Hair and Beauty offer a professional scissor servicing for KAMISORI scissors,  and all leading Japanese hairdressing scissors and barber shear brands in Ireland and UK KAMISORI ,ZEN MASTER scissors, JAGUAR hairdressing scissors, JOWELL, TONDEO, KASHO, MATTAKI, TONI and GUY and any other Japanese brand for hairdressers and barbers.


As the official distributor of KAMISORI Japanese scissors in UK and Ireland it is recommended to get your Japanese scissors serviced by a professional and reliable company who has the experience in servicing Japanese hairdressing scissors and barber shears.

We also service and sharpen all leading Japanese hairdressing scissors, barbering shears throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland and UK

Have you dropped your hairdressing or barbering scissors? Do you need your scissors repaired or rebalanced?

If your hair 
scissors have been dropped, they will likely have their blades bent or chipped and will not cut correctly. We advise to stop using or you will make them worse and possibly beyond repair, and send them to us for immediate repair.

Our service and sharpen is the best in the business by our blade smith with 30 years experience and using the most advanced stone sharpening technology.

Japanese scissors incorporate convex blades which require specialist sharpening and balancing and many scissor sharpeners who attend salon do not have the expertise or specialist equipment. So if you invest in Japanese hairdressing scissors be very careful who you allow to service your scissors.


  • Professional Sharpening Service by our experienced bladesmith of 30 years

  • Professional Scissor Balancing and replacement of missing parts (if available)

  • Repair to damaged hairdressing scissors and barber shears which have been dropped 

  • Scissor maintenance kit of cloth, tension key and large camellia oil pen designed for Japanese Scissors (worth £11.99) 

If we receive your scissors and they are in such a poor state of repair or essential missing parts cannot be obtained we will contact you and return them and refund the service charge. You will still be charged return postage.

Please send to;

Scissor Servicing
10 Ballymacdermot Road
Co Down
BT35 8AZ
Northern Ireland

Remember to pack securely and use cardboard / bubble wrap to protect your scissors which will prevent damage during transit.