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Digital Pro Skin Analyser: Moisture and Oil Levels

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Digital Pro Skin Analyser

The next generation skin testing device is here. Using bioelectrical impedance measurement technology, brings a proven scientific measurement and more accurate results for skin moisture and oil levels within the skin suitable for professional and home use. CE, FCC and ROHS Approved Certified.

Unlike traditional pen testing devices, which use 2 pins these have been found to be less accurate for skin testing measurements for oil and moisture levels in the skin as pure water and oil do not conduct electricity.

The new Digital Pro Skin Analyser uses new bioelectrical impedance technology which uses skin induction test provides much more accurate readings and scientifically proven. This method is a more accurate and scientifically proven to check skin cell condition determining more accurate results for oil and moisture levels whilst working both at the surface and the deeper layers of the skin.

Moisture and oil levels in the skin are 2 of most important elements for ongoing skin analysis and determining skin health.

This is the perfect companion for professional skin therapists or those looking to regularly check on their skin, to recommend/ buy suitable products and to check on the suitability and efficacy of the results from their current products or skin routine.

Our skin can also have different conditions on different locations, T zone, forehead, cheeks, chin etc and sometimes different products are needed to treat these specific areas and offer product options (e.g. multi-masking)


  • Accurate detection method of skin oil and moisture levels
  • Instantaneous results (15 seconds) and be easily used to spot check different areas of face and body
  • Professional guidance measurement chart
  • USB Charger with long standby power
  • Automatic Memory with Long Standby

Technical parameters:

Operating Voltage: 12mA
Product Battery: 3.7 V/ 80mAh (USB Rechargeable
Dimensions: 115mmx30x20ml
Complete with protective box and usb charger.
Warranty: 1 Year

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