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QUINN Pro Heat Resistant Ceramic Round Styling Brush

Quinn Hair and Beauty

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The QUINN Pro Heat Resistant Black Ceramic Round Styling Brush includes ceramic properties that allow for even heat distribution when blow-drying , enhancing drying time and leaving hair shiny as used by the professional hair stylists for that salon blow-dry look.

Product Features:

Constructed with high quality materials: made with ceramic and ionic properties.

Ceramic retains heat better and emits heat over a wider range of frequencies, enhancing  drying time.

Ions act in a manner similar to conditioner causing the scales that make the hair shaft, resulting in healthy, shiny hair with body.

Ceramic loses and gains heat less rapidly than metal so the temperature of the brush is more constant.

Large ventilation hole.

Anti-static, high temperature resistance of 220℃.

Ergonomically designed non-slip handle.

Innovative color changing technology changes from black to white showing heat distribution across the brush.


Available in 5 Sizes:

19 mm barrel diameter / 265 mm long / 52g  
25 mm barrel diameter / 270 mm long / 61g  
32 mm barrel diameter / 270 mm long / 70g  
45 mm barrel diameter / 270 mm long / 80g  
53 mm barrel diameter / 270 mm long / 95g  

Also available as a 3, 4 or 5 brush set (reduced price), which can be mixed and matched. If purchasing a 3 brush set please advise 3 brushes required at checkout


Can be used on medium to long hair to create volume with a smooth, sleek look.