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So Rose! So Gold! Body Lotion - Hyaluronic 250 ml


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Body lotion So Rose! So Gold! Hyaluronic in 250 ml is an extraordinary product that will prove to be a salve for your skin thanks to its hyaluronic acid content.

Our body lotion is more than an ordinary cosmetic - it is a deeply nourishing and intensely moisturizing skin care ritualHyaluronic acid, our secret to beautiful skin, perfectly binds and retains water in the skinpreventing dryness and discoloration. This is how all the stars keep their skin in such great condition. Hyaluronic acid forms a natural film that not only enhances skin protection, but also makes it silky smooth and supple. To get even better results, we recommend using a hyaluronic body gel as well - such a duo will surely enhance your skin care!

The active ingredients in our body lotion, such as ureaglycerinvitamin E and 24-karat gold, work in harmony to restore your skin to its natural beauty. Urea is an excellent humectant (a substance with a high capacity to absorb water) that maintains the skin's proper moisture levelsoftens and accelerates regenerationGlycerin provides intense hydration and elasticity, and vitamin E has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition, gold, with its extraordinary brighteninganti-aging and regenerative properties, gives your skin a healthy glownourishes it and makes it look youthful. If you're looking for a lotion that absorbs quickly - you've just found your choice!

With hyaluronic body lotion So Rose! So Gold! skin care becomes a pleasure. Give your skin what it really needs - deep care, hydration and a glow that you will always be ready to show the world. This is an extraordinary body lotion that enhances your natural beauty.

  • firms and strengthens the skin,
  • absorbs quickly, leaves no sticky feeling,
  • accelerates skin regeneration,
  • softens and moisturizes,
  • cares for elasticity,
  • contains urea, glycerin, vitamin E, 24-karat gold, hyaluronic acid and more.