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Quin High Thermo Heat Protection Serum for hair


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Quin High Thermo Heat Protection Serum for hair- Protects hair from damaging effects of heat styling.

Quin Hair High Thermo Protection – a thermoprotective serum
 designed for people who use hair driers, curlers or straighteners to style their hair. Based on the Advanced Thermo Guard Technology used in the formulation, a mixture of highly-selected silicones was used to form a flexible and protective film on the hair. It helps to prevent excessive degradation of the main building components of hair (peptide chains, twisted keratin fibers bound with transversal disulfide bonds) in contact with very high temperature (200⁰C) coming from styling equipment. The special protection serum includes the most exposed to damage, not only thermal, but also mechanical – hair tips.High Thermo Protectionallows styling hairstyles to be faster (shortened contact between hair straightener or hair curler) and facilitates combing hair wet and dry . It creates a specific “shield” on the hair repelling water, which protects hair dyed from excessive washing out of color . After applying, the hair is silky and natural to the touch. The serum leaves a pleasant, subtle and lasting scent on the hair. Product features:

  • the product formula based on Advanced Thermo Guard Technology prevents excessive degradation of the main building components of the hair
  • shortens the working time with curling iron or straightener
  • facilitates combing wet and dry hair and styling hairstyles
  • protects hair dyed against excessive washing of color
  • leaves a pleasant, subtle and lasting fragrance on the hair
  • makes the hair is silky to the touch

How to use: In the case of using a dryer – apply a few drops on a towel properly dried with hair, and in the case of straightener and curler – apply the product on dried hair, and in particular on their ends. Do not use too much serum. Do not rinse. Make a stylization. Can be used after each hair wash.

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  • 5
    Amazing product

    Posted by Leonie on 15th Mar 2020

    Love this serum, it gives a beautiful shine and I live that its also heat protect. And not heavy