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TRICHOPlex Re-Balancing Scalp Booster Tonic 75 ml

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TRICHOPlex RE-BALANCING SCALP BOOSTER TONIC 75 ml – a preparation in the form of a light tonic is a great solution for people struggling with excessive hair loss and their slow growth. 

It contains active ingredients and valuable plant extracts that stimulate hair growth, increase their volume, prevent hair loss and excessive fatness.

The product has plant water extracts from chamomile, arnica, sage, pine, watercress, burdock, lemon peel, calendula, nasturtium, white jasna.

Through the DUAL-SYNERGY MECHANISM , the product combines the action of two active complexes containing natural extracts from plants (including watercress, nasturtium and pine). The first of them is to take care of the scalp, act toning and soothing irritations and redness, astringent and limiting in relation to excessive production of sebum. It enables the other complex to intensify the action to stimulate hair growth and protect it from falling out and increase its volume.


  • a form of light tonic
  • active ingredients and extracts from plants stimulate hair growth, increase their volume, prevent hair loss and excessive greasing
  • active complexes have a toning and soothing effect on irritation and redness, stimulate hair growth and protect against hair loss and increase their volume


The mechanism contained in the product based on the two-dimensional action of two complexes:

  • active Baicapil TM complex (excreted from calico thalamus , soybean germ and wheat) – stimulates hair growth, protects against excessive hair loss and increases their volume
  • active extracts of plants – having a toning effect (extract of rosemary, white jasberia, burdock), soothing irritations (chamomile extract), astringent (arnica extract), limiting the secretion of serum and the formation of dandruff (extract of sage, pine, lemon peel ), moisturizing, nourishing (extract of nasturtium, calendula) and protective (ivy extract)

Thanks to this mechanism, it is possible to restore a healthy appearance, increase the density, volume and thickness of the hair. The effect of the active complex against hair loss was confirmed by tests : after three months of use, a hair loss reduction of 60.6% was observed compared to the initial state .