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Timeless Truth Moisturizing Perfecting Cream with Moss Extract

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Timeless Truth Moisturizing Perfecting Cream with Moss Extract


Product introduction:

Moss (Physcomitrella patens) Extract helps slow down aging signs from environmental stress, fortify skin from within, and strengthening skin’s adaptability. Meanwhile, its dual molecular hyaluronic acid and betaine can penetrate deep into the skin to offer intensive hydration. In addition, its burden-free rich cream texture can keep the skin in its best condition, leaving skin beautifully hydrated and resilient.



Helps slow down skin aging signs from environmental stress and boost skin’s energy, leaving skin hydrated and radiant from the inside out.



Scoop an amount of cream that’s about 1cm-diameter in size with the provided spoon. Apply the cream evenly on the face with your palms and massage gently until well absorbed.