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Silcare Quin Creamy Hand Scrub Exfoliator 110ml

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Silcare Quin Creamy Hand Scrub Exfoliator was made especially for people, who appreciate the highest quality of everyday care products. The scrub’s formula ensures perfect oil and softening of the skin of hands, also effectively removes dead skin cells and moisturizes. The abrasive particles contained in creamy emulsion provide your hands with an immediate effect of the velvety smooth, clean and perfectly well-cared skin.


  • oils and softens the skin of the hands
  • exfoliates (mechanical peeling)
  • moisturizes the skin of the hands

DIRECTIONS: apply the peeling cream on your hands and massage in for about 1 minute in circular motions. Then rinse and dry gently.

Ingredients contained in the peeling:

Linseed oil - supplements the lipid barrier, supports the regenerative processes of the epidermis, has anti-inflammatory properties, helps maintain tissue integrity, is particularly suitable for cracking and very dry skin.

Avocado oil - 7 vitamins oil (A, B, D, E, H, K, PP), complements the epidermal lipid coat, softens and soothes irritations, protects against harmful external factors, is hypoallergenic, ideal for aging, very dry and sensitive.

Glycerin - binds water in the epidermis, moisturizes and protects against excessive drying of the skin, soothes, improves elasticity, facilitates the absorption of other substances deep into the skin.

Emollients - soften the skin.

Size: 110ml