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RegeneLash Lash & Brow Essential Oil Regrowth Serum 6ml

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So say Bye Bye to false lashes and say hello to beautiful natural lashes and brows with Regenelash.

Each of us dreams about beautiful, long eyelashes. There are many ways to achieve a spectacular effect: applying artificial tufts or entire straps, lasting on eyelashes, extending 1: 1, but also systematic care. Thanks to the Regenelash essential oil, eyelashes will be regenerated, strengthened and groomed, thickened and thicker and brows will be thickened and made fuller. The composition of the product is safe and natural. Complex of vitamins A + E + F supports the regeneration of eyelashes: vitamin A regulates the formation of keratin, which is the main component of hair, vitamin E accelerates the process of keratinization and regenerates damaged hair follicles, and vitamin F regulates the hydration of eyelashes and strengthens the root and hair shaft. In turn Castor oil contains 80% of ricinoleic acid triglycerides, helps in hair reconstruction, leaves a protective layer on the surface of eyelashes.

Can also be used on eyebrows.


  • Regenerates, strengthens and nourishes eyelashes
  • nourishes and moisturizes hair, preventing hair loss
  • accelerates the growth, compaction and thickening of the hair structure
  • unperfumed product
  • without preservatives and dyes