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QUIN Moisturising Hand Mask 300ml

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QUIN Moisturising Hand Mask  300ml

Feel the hydro power with a moisturizing mask from QUIN

Apparently the eyes are the mirror of the soul, but it is the hands that talk about us a lot. The hardships of everyday life, work, adverse weather conditions, detergents, can damage the skin of your hands. Change it - give yourself a unique hydration with an appetizing peach-mandarin fragrance. Carefully selected ingredients of the product, such as, among others, long-known glycerin, originating from the sunny south of the continent - olive oil, as well as Shea butter or vitamin E, cause that this oil-rich mask has regenerative, moisturizing, softening and oiling.

The main component of the mask is Hydromanil. It is a completely natural substance, made of galactomaniac moisturizing particles extracted from the Peruvian endosperm, growing in the hostile climate of the Andes, seeds of the Tara plant (Caesalpinia spinosa). Galactomannan moisturizing molecules in Hydromanil occur in the form of a three-dimensional matrix (Matrix 3D) gradually releasing oligosaccharides.

Hydromanil, works on two planes - it immediately and long-lastingly improves the hydration of the stratum corneum (surface action) and regulates exfoliation processes, consequently leading to an improvement in the appearance of the skin (internal action).


- only natural ingredients;

- does not contain parbens, paraffin, silicones and SLS;

- no GMO;

- the smell of southern fruit;

- natural for the skin Ph 5.5;

- 300 ml capacity.


- immediate moisturizing feeling with long-lasting effect;

- regeneration of the lipid layer of the skin;

- feeling of relief and smoothness;

- regulates exfoliation processes.

How to use: Just apply a thick layer to clean hands, then put on plastic or cotton gloves and leave for 15-20 minutes. Massage excess into skin or rinse with lukewarm water. The mask is also great for paraffin treatments.