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48W Silcare UV / LED lamp

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The most modern 48W White UV / LED lamp equipped with bulbs emitting red light with a wavelength of 640 nm- 660 nm - this wavelength causes that this light can penetrate deeper into the epidermis layers, while regenerating the deeper layers of the skin, while remaining invisible and harmless to the eyes of both the stylist and the client. This light has a rejuvenating effect and brightens various types of spots or discolorations formed on the skin.

The 48W White UV / LED lamp has built-in LEDs with a wavelength of 365 nm and 405 nm, and therefore provides excellent and complete curing of UV gels, LEDs and hybrid varnishes, which reduces the risk of sensitization. The device has a built-in motion sensor that allows energy-saving use of the lamp during use.

The lamp is intended for professional use.


  • long-life LEDs and red fluorescent lamps
  • built-in energy-saving motion sensor
  • LED wavelength: 365nm (cures classic gels) + 405nm (cures LED products)
  • wavelength of red light: 640 + 660nm
  • maximum exposure time - 120 seconds
  • thanks to the use of crystal light bulbs, it perfectly cures highly pigmented gels and very strongly covering hybrid varnishes


  • 30 LED bulbs
  • Maximum power consumption: 48W
  • Power supply: DC24V / 2A (the lamp is powered from the power supply)
  • Rated input power: AC100-220V, 50 / 60Hz, 2A
  • Rated output power: DC24V / 2A
  • Dimensions: 205 x 200 90 mm